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— Anonymous: is there a way to take the silver border off of the updates bar in your tutorial?

remove the line in the code under #actualnews where it says border:#blahah;

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— Anonymous: my bad i sent the question to the wrong blog sorry... i was just wondering for the key updates tab whenever i upload a picture for the uploads tab it comes out really really small even though the picture is quite big and its half way off the page how can i make it bigger?

to move it over, adjust the margin-left in code 3

to make it bigger, also in code three you have to make the width for #thekey bigger((:

unrisings: how do I add a network page to my blog?

adding another page with a different theme to your blog always follows these instructions:

customize » add a page » change standard layout to custom layout » paste the html for the page in and edit to your liking!

— Anonymous: hello, i was just wondering how to move the 'next page' button on your themes? like, for your spring theme 06, the 'next page' button is on the bottom, is there any way i can move it to just under the description? thanks xx

that specific code is really hard to work with because it is in a white box at the bottom of the theme. i’m sorry but there’s not really a way to move it without putting in a completely new code.

— Anonymous: for theme 6, how do you get hover text over the links? also, when customizing my page, it only gives me the option for 3 links

there is no hover text in that theme and there are only three customizable links but the title never shows up in the actual code i guess i just put it there for my own organization haha

— Anonymous: hi.. i was wondering if you have any theme tutorials?

i’ve been thinking of doing some tutorials on themes but im not quite sure what you mean… do you have anything in particular you want to know how to do?

Blogroll theme 01 by lttlebirds

Live Preview / Pastebin / FreeTextHost


-“i really like you gif” and description box when hovered

-pictures grow when hovered

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— Anonymous: where's you navi theme?

there are two:

— Anonymous: make more themes, you're goooood.

thanks so much! i have a blogroll theme that will be released maybe tomorrow or monday and there is more stuff coming soon so yay((:

— Anonymous: Hey :) I'm so sorry to ask bc I know you get this a lot but im a bit confused on where to put the codes in for the key thing, I know to go like into the HTML where you like change your theme and all but im still confused on where exactly they go and I've read the thing you posted about it but im still a bit lost agggghhh sorry im such a noob and this probably doesn't make sense :( but thank you if you can help xx


the first code goes at the very top of your code in this area:


(mine is on line 24 if you cant find it)

the second code goes here:


right under the style type=text/css crap and above the webkit scroll bar body jfdskalgjklda blah blah blah

the third code goes above <body> which i know i have made really confusing but basically here ya go


(mine is not directly above that part but in case you need to see what you should be looking for in the code so that you can put it above that thing here ya go)


so bascially put code three above the stuff on line 393 and the code from step four goes below this line or just <body>

i hope that helps!

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